Woolhope Cockshoot, Christian residential centre

woolhope view.jpgI have the privilige of being a trustee of an awesome residential centre in the wilds of Herefordshire. It’s a place I love, the bizarrely named but correspondingly wonderful Woolhope Cockshoot!
I’m flagging it up again here to add some weight to the search links, and to give it a plug. Bookings from youth groups are much lighter this year and there is some prime time availabilty if you would like to take a group of up to 20 away. The place is great for relational work and creating community, you can download a flyer from here and if you search via the sidebar of the blog you’ll find links to activity opportunities.
If you are interested in a tour of Woolhope and learning more about how it could work for your group, please send me an e-mail.
For the seach engines: Woolhope Cockshoot is a great venue for youth group weekends away, as a youth centre for residential trips it is quite superb. It is a low cost self catering option for church youth groups to enjoy a holiday experience together. It has dormitory accomodation, stunning views, a dedicated dinning room and benefits from underground table tennis capabilities.

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  1. Ahh, the memories of Woolhope. I remember long journeys from South London in order to go there for the weekend with my Crusader group. In fact I think it was there that I first experienced the fun of residentials.
    Later when working in Cardiff and then Herefordshire I was able to introduce more young people to the joy of residentials there. It really is in the middle of nowhere and a great place to get away too.
    I would love it if someone could confirm the story of one group (?Banstead Crusaders) having breakfast in the dining room, sitting around a mini that some of the leaders had put there.
    It always seemed compulsory to get lost on the way there though, however I expect SatNav has altered that.

  2. I’m spotting that Woolhope is popular with people called Sarah 🙂
    Can’t conmfirm the story, but don’t doubt for a moment that its based on actual events.
    Am thinking that a dedicated web site maybe an idea. UP til now I’ve just used the blog as it is far better linked to search engines than I could make a dedicated site.
    Any pics or quotes you could send me for a web site would be great.

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