Vidi Vici Piste

Obviously I would have loved to have taken all the Youthblog readers with me on the ski trip but it just wasn’t practical to squeeze all four of you into my luggage. So, by virtue of the technological marvels of t’internet ……….. I’m bringing the ski trip to you. Here is a ski run for you to virtually enjoy! This involved me skiing while attempting to retain my poles, camera and balance!

And of course, despite the erratic skiing and chaotic camera work …………….. THIS is the tune that was playing in my head 🙂

8 Replies to “Vidi Vici Piste”

  1. Oh wow! You really enjoyed yourself. Watching your video just reminded me of how great our Creator is. I have never tried skiing before. I hope I could try that someday.

  2. *laughing* …. serves me right for trying too have a witty title but not being able to think of a latin way of describing skiing 🙂
    I guess we could go for snow:
    vidi vici nixi

  3. You just needed to add nivem as the obejct of the verb vici to make it Veni vidi vici nivem I came I saw I conquered the snow?
    Do we get a virtual hot chocolate at the end?

  4. Sarah, thanks as ever for being the blogs official Latin advisor. Vidi Vici Vidi nivem it is! I shall be saying this to myself whenever I ski citius altius fortius 🙂

  5. That worked remarkably well, we tried to do that with me on my snowboard following my sister, getting some interesting video. But the piste was quite….bumpy, at that point, and not being able to see where your going on a snowboard isn’t helpful…

  6. Josh,
    I was quite pleased with this for a 1st attempt. I wish I’d have repeated the experiment on the 2nd visit to Grindlwald-First on the really fast swoopy red run 🙂
    Did you get any footage of you getting air?

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