Swiss reflections

I liked switzerland ….. how could you not like a country that takes its’ sheds so seriously? The Alpine meadows were strewn with fantastical wooden shackery that looked awesome, and were larger than the depressingly functional 8×6’s of middle England. They had sheds for animals, sheds for wood, sheds you could live in, Nice!
I loved the language, I was in a German speaking bit where they mostly understood my German and talked with a lovely sing-song tone that made even the train announcments a joy! Talking of which the trains ran EXACTLY to time with no deviation EVER, this confused me muchly coming from England where the timetable is broadly aspirational but, mostly fictional.
I didn’t get the idea of Cuckoo clocks? Why did they start making them? Why do they continue making them? Oh and the other thing I didn’t get was entire shops dedicated to the Swiss army knife!!!! There must be a limit to the amount of knives you can usefully use? more so as some of them were pushing the boundaries of usefulness, I ACTUALLY saw this in a shop that specialised in Cuckoo Clocks and Knives (to be consistent they should also have had a clock that a full size Emu popped out of on the hour methinks!)
swiss army knife uber nuts.jpg
But, needless to say, I loved the mountains completely, utterly and hopelessly, they were geological poetry and gargantuan pieces of worship installation …. in a Rock genre (literally!)