Sort of, dunno, nothing ….

This week on the blog could have been sponsored by youtube BUT couldn’t resist this.
Ht to Weird Hippy.
(If any of the teenage readers see this one: Annoying or funny? (or both)

The more I watch this video the more I love it. The juxtaposition of the two characters is brilliant, the music is such fun and the humour is wonderful. I love the fact that the teen’ winks at the end. Fab 😉

7 Replies to “Sort of, dunno, nothing ….”

  1. That is really funny, really well made.
    Must say it feels like it’s taking an all too easy shot at teenagers. I would point an accusing and judgemental finger at parents. The dad is enthusiastic and interested now but if he had been that engrossed in his son in earlier years then would they be faced with this state of relationship now?

  2. Great! – May fav bit is the point where he starts texting…. I nearly lost it!
    Good find… I might use it at the next youth workers training day

  3. Hilarious – yay to the using it for loads of things… Me too with the texting bit Paul!
    Hey Nathan – you got children? Teenagers yet? Just wait… X

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