Sophia Network

The Sophia network continues to grow and develop and there is good news on the Sophia front for women and for men!
Good News for women = It’s now free to join!
Good news for men = All the Sophia stuff is available online and free to read.
BTW, has anyone done any work on the percentages of female/male Church based youth workers?
Captains Log Supplemental: I have just done a tally up of employed workers in the Diocese of Oxford (including students) and arrived at 28 male and 23 female!

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  1. When I was in Sheffield we, in the south of the city, were an exlusively male breed. In Solihull there is a very strong female emphasis. At college blokes were the majority 4 to 1.
    I think it is still more socially acceptable for a woman to be a youth worker than a church leader.

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