Ski Trip review

I meant to write up the ski trip stuff but *woosh* time flies! However due to the most humungous diary cock-up EVER (not entirely my fault) I have a few minutes free to scribble:
One of the aspects of the ski talks that I really enjoyed was that the ideas that formed them were collabrative and as such felt more grounded and more creative. Being able to have a ‘conversation’ via the blog was/is for me a really important thing.
On the first night i introduced myself and expressed some discomfort with the idea of being THE ‘speaker,’ asking instead to be thought of more as the resident minister and the ‘listener!’ I did however say that I would be leading some input but I really wanted that to be part of a conversation that happened in (and more importantly) beyond the evening meetings.
I then talked about the week being a Lenten reflection on whole life spirituality and then using the image of me failing to learn the counter-intuitive art of kayak rolling, talked about the challenges of living out our faith, embracing and living a counter-intuitive lifestyle, exploring being authentic as disciples of Jesus.
Using five different books of the Bible we then explored some of the dynamics of whole life spirituality:
Spirituality of: Life to be FULLY lived (the book of John). Asking what is the “life to the full” that Jesus offers and what gets in the way. We talked about the idea of Acedia (spiritual lethargy) and how that takes hold allowing stuff to get in the way of Life.
Spirituality of: Questions to be grappled with (the book of Psalms). This was the session that seemed to resonate the most and generate the most conversation. Looking at how God meets us more in the question that the answer. What does it mean to be in dailogue with God, learning from the Psalmist, being real in the struggles of faith.

Spirituality of: Discipline to be embraced
(the book of James). The call to discipline and obediance, the struggle with what does it mean to be ‘religious,’ to have faith. Freedom that exists in obedience.

Spirituality of: Wisdom to be gained
(the book of Proverbs). This was a fun session looking at how culturally there was a lot emphasis on knowing, doctrine, faith, certainty etc. We explored the idea of Wisdom being deeper and maybe messier, a ‘knowing’ that was whole life and whole person. We also taked about Wisdom as a preventative to being shaped entirly by our culture or churchmanship.

Spirituality of: Suffering to be wrestled with
(The book of Job). This was the talk on Good Friday so fiited well. Looked at the reality of suffering, of a fallen world, of Jesus weeping by Lazarus’s grave. This session dovetailed with the one one Psalms, living with the questions not having all the answers. Living with both the reality of suffering, of a hurting world BUT the presence and promise of HOPE.
The group on the trip were fantastic and really up for a messier approach to the evening sessions where it wasn’t aliterated three points and tidy sermons. This was the first time I have been so utterly post-modern-youth-minister with an adult group and the response was great. I loved the fact that conversations flowed out of the sessions, I loved the fact that people were happy to be part of the questioning.
Enormous thanks to the wonderful crew at Gold Hill holidays for inviting me!