Journeying in Faith

journeying.jpgI am really bad at flagging up/reviewing books that I’ve read on the blog, it’s something I mean to do BUT I read a book, then time passes and the writing never quite happens. Really Really wanted to flag up “Journeying in Faith” (subtitle, “in and beyond the tough places”) by Alan Jamieson.
It’s a book that I related-to, found-useful and thought-important in equal measures. The text is a follow up to “A Churchless faith” and reflects on (and with) those who find themselves no longer at home in ‘institutional churchianity’ but nevertheless find themselves on a journey toward “unknown horizons of Christian Faith”.
Anyone who finds themselves in a post-christendom, post-modern and/or post-evangelical paradigm will find something of themselves in this book. Importantly too, there is much wisdom in here for ministers in general, both in helping those who are on the edge, and reflecting on what this conversation might mean for our ecclesiology.
(It’s also interesting from a youth ministry perspective as it begs the question of what sort of faith are we helping young people to be equipped with).
I particularly appreciated Jamiesons reflection on faith development stages, not just of the individual but of churches.
WELL worth a read!

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  1. do you know if this book is around in audio anywhere, sounds like something all church leaders, and yoth leaders should probably read? will maybe get a copy for our church leaders. thanks for this blogger.

  2. CAn i suggest another book for you to read, by Krish Kandiah called disciples, looks at a whole range of issues for us today, well worth a good read, with questions at the end of each chapter to think about personally, or in a small group, or as a church. well reccommended.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation…I read this book from cover to cover, I could not put it down!…I must be ‘post-‘ something because I could relate to the book. Having experienced family tragedy and loss…… I found Anne-Marie’s story very moving.I found myself thinking yes thats how I felt….her phrase ‘shxx happens’ is a phrase familiar to me.. my Faith and Ministry needs to own the reality of suffering, because without this honesty I sometimes find Church/community empty and fake.
    This summer I am returning to Lourdes with my twin sister to celebrates hope!A journey which we originally made thirteen years ago with our sister. In amongst the plastic souvenirs we found laughter, spirituality and Christian hope!

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