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  1. Alot of stuff of which I write has been to that.
    Wish I knew how to hire a youth worker; or how to get hired or even how to start or what to do once fired.
    Might look at some of my articles. Not saying they’re that great – but at least a starting pt for me …(Of course inspired by Letterman’s Top 10)

  2. I wish i’d known that the paperwork will eat you alive if you don’t get good systems in place beforehand.
    I wish I’d known that as a youth worker you will probably be expected to be an administrator, accountant, general dogsbody as well as being good with young people. BUT there’s no reason why you can’t get someone to help with the admin and accounts. You just have to accept the general dogsbody status!
    I wish I’d known that getting the “commitees” on side is vital to getting anything done.

  3. I wish I’d known what great support you can get from the much older members of the congregation through prayer and cake. (I did discover this relatively soon!)
    I wish I’d known that parts of the job will never feel finished and so doing things in your spare time which give a sense of completeness really help.
    I wish I’d known that although adults have pre-conceived ideas of what a youth work should be like (mostly young, trendy guitar playing etc.) young people value you being yourself over fitting a profile.
    I wish I’d known that amazingly complex and cool events may look great but pizza/cookies and a chat makes so much mroe impact in the end!

  4. I wish i’d known that everyone has an opinion on youth work.
    I wish i’d known that the budget would not be relevant to the work.
    I wish i’d known that seeing the rewards would outweigh any hassels.
    I wish i’d known the full extent of Church expectations.
    I wish i’d known the expectations placed upon me from the young people.
    I wish i’d known how non-inclusive the youth work would be to the rest of the Church.
    I wish i’d thought more of the potential of the young people i worked with.
    I wish i’d known there wouldn’t be proper management structures in place for youth workers.
    I wish i’d known that I was the one carrying the vision for youthwork.

  5. i wish i’d known i would be asked to write down ten things i wish i’d known so i could have written them down at the time !

  6. I wish I’d known how isolating being the youthworker can be from the rest of the church.

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