vertigo logo.jpgIt was a great VERTIGO on Saturday night! The theme was Justice, explored via Worship, prayer, malarky and talk.
It was also the launch of the “VERTIGO ACADEMY” …. these will be one-day Discipleship training days running a few weeks before each vertigo, a chance to learn and grow. The aim being for Vertigoers/Vertigites (suggestions?) to be more involved in mission in/through/with their churches, as well as being more involved in Vertigo.

First Academy is October 3rd!

I took a bunch of young people from Newbury with me so we could be the Cafe team. They were fab … working really hard, and with enthusiasm and verve! (Thanks guys)
Next Vertigo: May 17th (out door event following on from LOVE OXFORD) then October 17th
Oh, and VERTIGO is on something called Facebook? Clicketh here