Sony Ericsson W715

715.jpgI have a new phone! It’s snappily entitled the W715 and is I think the result of a bunch of electronics engineers having rather too many drinks after work one evening leading to a beer fuelled boast about how many gizmos could physically be incorporated in one phone.

The W715 has:

Bluetooth, Wireless, WAP and USB Connectivity. It has a music player, radio, diary, games, GPS, Sat Nav, Google Maps, e-mail, web, a 3.2 mega pixel camera, text messaging, remote control function and even a health-check footstep counter! It has 4 gig of storage, the music player can list tracks by mood as well as genre, you can change tracks by a quick shake of the phone. It handles RSS feeds, the video app’ is compatible with Youtube, you can record a few seconds of a song and send it off to find out the Artist and the track!
And so the list goes on! (And the obvious gag that the battery only lasts 5 minutes as a result is so not true!)

Anyway, serious W715 review:

It’s a slider phone with a conventional phone key layout. It’s small stylish and fun, with a humungously long list of features and capabilities, which on the whole it does well.
If you are used to Sony’s then it’s easy to pick up and use, the camera and the screen clarity are particularly impressive. I like the GPS capability and may even consider paying the additional Sat-Nav subscription.
1. The wi-fi capability is, in my experience, not easily used, the web browser seeming to want to use the vodafone front page via the data connection. (You have to wait for an error message then input the web address you want via Options).
2. Despite the Walkman status, the sound seems tinny to me (but this is subjective and I await other opinions)
3. The Lock/unlock function doesn’t seem great and the phone easily becomes unlocked with functions becoming activated.
Overall, a positive thumbs up BUT having to mess around to get the web browser to connect via wi-fi is frustrating!

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  1. My Sony Ericsson C905 has similar issues with the wireless (I’m on orange though), I asked orange to disable my mobile internet so I wouldn’t accidentally start using it instead of wifi, I have to get an error first though!
    On the tinny note can you not add bass in the equalizer?

  2. It looks very pretty.
    I see potential frustrations of it changing tracks when you shake it… Speed bumps could produce interesting results!!

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