Seriously mellow

I was enjoying some seriously mellow music last night and thought I’d flag up a couple of the tracks that I thought were fabulous:

nick cave.jpg‘Into my Arms’ by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
I’ve only just discovered this track, but the genius of such a beautiful, simple and elegant love song that can begin with the line, “I don’t believe in an interventionist God” has to be heard to be believed.
You can find it here on but I’d recommend listening to it on Spotify if you have access to it.
10,000 maniacs.jpg
‘Verdi Cries’ by 10,000 Maniacs.
I’ve loved this song for years, an evocative and haunting reflection on a holiday of long ago, the opera-loving occupant of the next hotel room inadvertently providing the mood and soundtrack to the memory.
It’s here, live on Youtube, but again I’d recommend the studio version on Spotify.

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  1. Ian
    In that daft but wonderful way the world pans out I’ve just caught up with your comment on Nick Cave’s ‘Into My Arms’. It’s up there with some of the Schubert lieder I love – that sounds pretentious, but so be it. My mate, Tim alias DJ Retsina, played it the other day on his Respect show on Exeter Community Radio. And as you say how can you resist that opening line?
    And by the way I’ve just returned from a four hour bike ride up into the mountains – a touch knackered but satisfied.
    Best wishes

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