Missional Apologetics

Richard Passmore has uploaded a session he did on missional apologetics. I HIGHLY recommend having a look at the notes and the Powerpoint.
I love the visual framing of this key question:
fyt passmore gravitational.jpg
And I’m making a note of this quote (so I can find it again)

“Christianity both answers
our questions and
questions our answers”

Wisdom for the day

My hands were really dry this morning and quite sore (after a weekend of digging and building), so one of the Admin team gave me a dollop of moisturiser! All good eh, however I then made an important discovery!

So, today’s wisdom (in case it is useful) is thus:

Don’t attempt to lift a full coffee cup straight after applying moisturiser!!!!!!!


vertigo logo.jpgIt was a great VERTIGO on Saturday night! The theme was Justice, explored via Worship, prayer, malarky and talk.
It was also the launch of the “VERTIGO ACADEMY” …. these will be one-day Discipleship training days running a few weeks before each vertigo, a chance to learn and grow. The aim being for Vertigoers/Vertigites (suggestions?) to be more involved in mission in/through/with their churches, as well as being more involved in Vertigo.

First Academy is October 3rd!

I took a bunch of young people from Newbury with me so we could be the Cafe team. They were fab … working really hard, and with enthusiasm and verve! (Thanks guys)
Next Vertigo: May 17th (out door event following on from LOVE OXFORD) then October 17th
Oh, and VERTIGO is on something called Facebook? Clicketh here

Messing about on the river

on the river.jpg
Ok, so it was the canal but I couldn’t think of a song with canal in (arrgghgh, now I have, the theme to “Rosie and Jim” ….. I’ve so got to get that out of my head).
Anyway I had an afternoon off so I took the chance to launch the good boat Maui and explore the Berkshire waterways. I shall be busy tomorrow with VERTIGO so some R&R today was fab!


Darren over at Digital Orthodoxy is having a muse about Manipulation, Evangelism and Intentionality. I recommend popping over to his site and reading the three muses so far.
I think this is an important debate for everyone involved in faith based work with young people, and that is a vast spectrum … all the way from the “it’s all about decisons” ultra right to the far left, eschewing any discernable christian mention or practice.

My muddled thunk so far:

Manipulation is ALWAYS wrong
Evangelism, as a word, is difficult to discuss at it carries too much baggage. It must in my mind however be freed from its’ locked into modernity, intellectual ascent to a propositional belief system, approach.
Who we are and where we are coming from should be open, transparent and clear.
I think there is a difference between being intentional about building relationship and having an agenda.
But while I’m still musing, heres’s a video the legendary Miz sent me. It’s a spoof on the Celebrity Youth Pastor! Laugh, cringe, reflect 🙂
ignatious celeb.jpg

Seriously mellow

I was enjoying some seriously mellow music last night and thought I’d flag up a couple of the tracks that I thought were fabulous:

nick cave.jpg‘Into my Arms’ by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
I’ve only just discovered this track, but the genius of such a beautiful, simple and elegant love song that can begin with the line, “I don’t believe in an interventionist God” has to be heard to be believed.
You can find it here on last.fm but I’d recommend listening to it on Spotify if you have access to it.
10,000 maniacs.jpg
‘Verdi Cries’ by 10,000 Maniacs.
I’ve loved this song for years, an evocative and haunting reflection on a holiday of long ago, the opera-loving occupant of the next hotel room inadvertently providing the mood and soundtrack to the memory.
It’s here, live on Youtube, but again I’d recommend the studio version on Spotify.

1 Year post

Great Missenden are looking for a youth worker/minister to work during the maternity leave of their existing worker, details below:
Part-time Youth Worker
An enthusiastic person to cover maternity leave of Youth Minister for
up to one year from Mid April 2009.
In return for accommodation, competitive salary and an active,
friendly church near Oxford and London, you will be expected to meet the challenge of maintaining our successful youth work.
Contact David Harris 07736 814 995