Not on a roll

In terms of Outdoor ed’ I’m qualified in a few areas but have never progressed beyond happy-paddler at Kayaking. This is because whenever I’ve been Kayaking with youth groups it’s always been about the basics of control … and having fun. This has been an entirely good thing however it means that I’ve not learnt rescue techniques, rolls and the like … although I am a competent paddler.
Last night I had the opportunity to join Adventure Plus at one of their Pool sessions and get some tuition.
In a bizarre bit of double booking the Pool had given permission for the Scouts to use the pool to swim in, as well as the kayakers to kayak in! Thus we only had half the pool which was hilarious ……….. a kind of aquatic traffic jam ensued at times.
k roll.jpgThe Adventure Plus crew were fab though and I had a great time as well as learning a lot. Sadly though, the Eskimo roll COMPLETELY elluded me.
It didn’t help that I am somewhat un-lithe and found it extremely difficult to exit the kayak when it went pear shaped (the boats were MUCH smaller than mine), but even allowing for this fact …. I was rubbish! I found it extremely difficult to work out what the paddle should be doing while I was busy being upside down under a Kayak, how to do the necessary sweep stroke and even which way I was actually trying to roll. Hilarious.
This is pretty much what I looked like, this is what I aspire to.
Conclusion: I’m more suited to Arctic Rolls than Eskimo Rolls 🙂

Captains Log Supplemental:
The tricky thing about the roll is that it requires you to act counter intuitively, got me thinking about aspects of our faith …. he says in a Radio 4 ‘thought for the day’ stylee

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  1. Rather you than me!
    I think counter-intuitive gets harder the older you get as well. Our intuition gets more ingrained with age, I reckon.

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