Darren over at Digital Orthodoxy is having a muse about Manipulation, Evangelism and Intentionality. I recommend popping over to his site and reading the three muses so far.
I think this is an important debate for everyone involved in faith based work with young people, and that is a vast spectrum … all the way from the “it’s all about decisons” ultra right to the far left, eschewing any discernable christian mention or practice.

My muddled thunk so far:

Manipulation is ALWAYS wrong
Evangelism, as a word, is difficult to discuss at it carries too much baggage. It must in my mind however be freed from its’ locked into modernity, intellectual ascent to a propositional belief system, approach.
Who we are and where we are coming from should be open, transparent and clear.
I think there is a difference between being intentional about building relationship and having an agenda.
But while I’m still musing, heres’s a video the legendary Miz sent me. It’s a spoof on the Celebrity Youth Pastor! Laugh, cringe, reflect 🙂
ignatious celeb.jpg

4 Replies to “Manipulation”

  1. I agree that manipulation is always wrong.I think transparency is a valued approach..for instance if the vision is a community based youth project with the purpose ‘ to serve the community’ then it should simply remain this….with integrity…if young people seek more understanding of the Christian Faith then a pathway through to knowing Jesus should exist.
    There is much talk about the radicalism of some young Muslims …..but I guess I am as much concerned about the radicalism of some Christians, ….. manipulation is an alarming tool used by extremist to sell their message to young impressionable minds and sadly religions are being used as the vehicle.

  2. The Ignatius video is hilarious!
    Have u seen this clip from the Horne & Corden show with the trendy Christian youth workers?

    It’s hilarious, but I’m a bit freaked out by this, it seems very familiar…

  3. Yep, I saw that But appreciate the link. I didn’t post it as I wasn’t quite sure about it BUT some of it is scarily accurate in its satire.

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