Lie in until 11am

Did you see this article about a school that proposed not starting lessons until 11am to better engage with teenagers’ body clocks?
I’m wondering if it crossed the mind of any youth workers that this was a rather good mandate for staying in bed until 11am 🙂

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  1. Hang on a minute… what about us secondary school teachers? Year 7 and an ever decreasing amount of Year 8 (till they turn 13) would still be at school from 9. So do we have lessons 9-3 for Years 7&8 AND 11-5 for Years 9 to 13? Or would we be expected to teach the same stuff between 11 and 3? Do we get a lie in too? Will 11 year olds be forced into a teenage bodyclock to go to school? Then what happens when they actually become teenagers and shift another couple of hours?!?! What about those who don’t magically shift in the summer holidays between Years 8 and 9? What about the kids put up a year or a year behind? Madness!! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!!! And what about leaving school? Will you be capable of working at 9am if you’re only 19? What time will your paper be delivered if the paper boy doesn’t start school till 11? Soooooo many questions!!

  2. More seriously, why should a Youth Worker need to get up before 11am? How much Youth Work can be done before 11am and if we are expecting them to be working during the evening then they should not be working first thing every morning as well.
    As a minister out 4 or 5 evenings a week I hate it when people schedule meetings for 9am (in some places earlier). If I have been working till after 10pm then why should I get up at the crack of dawn.
    I imagine many Youth Workers have similar issues.

  3. Dave,
    Thank you, world war 3 averted. As you say, issues faced by youth workers/ministers are very similar to those of ministers in this respect.
    Thank you for illustrating the complexities of this from the formal education perspective

  4. The research base for this proposal is disctinctly wobbly. The research is based on work to asess young peoples habits and behaviours and singularly failed to ask teenagers why they don’t feel compus mentis until 11.00am. Little things like ‘were you playing on your X-Box until 4.00am’ is genrally a bit of a give away. Schoolchildren in Germany regularly begin school at 8.00am if not earlier and appear to regularly produce more consistent results.
    …and world war 3 back on…It is 9.45’ish and I’ve been youth working for 2 hrs now, save for this brief interlude for caffeine and pastry. Have a loom at the ‘Weekend Working’ discussion on Critically Chatting blog.

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