but who is playing me?

For reasons that I’m sure made sense at the time of agreeing, the Macdonald family are being filmed tomorrow as part of a project to do with the families of disabled children. I asked if Keanu Reeves could play me, to which at least two people have suggested that Griff Rhys Jones would be more appropriate!!

H is happy to particpate as long as his name appears in the credits, I’m expecting that he’ll start negotiating the merchandising rights next 🙂

4 Replies to “but who is playing me?”

  1. We used to use the question “In the film of your life which actor would you have to play you?” as an icebreaker in youth discussions.It can lead to great hilarity but also can give great insight into the young persons feeling of worth by who they pick.

  2. I’m played by Robert de Niro.
    “Righteous Kill,” 2008, de Niro plays Turk, a tough NYC detective. Ok it’s not exactly me, but pretty close.

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