Youth unemployment

The below is from FYT and I commend the appeal to the blogosphere:
“Youth Unemployment – can you help??? Along with Bishop Roger Sainsbury and few ‘interested others’ Frontier Youth Trust is seeking to make a small contribution to concerns about youth unemployment in the UK. In the near future we are meeting with Government representatives to outline concerns/ideas and we are exploring the possibility of a youth work publication on the theme as well.
CAN YOU HELP??? I am wondering if you could take 10 minutes out of your time to share a story or two about this issue? I am specifically interested in youth work related stories that illustrate: the impact that unemployment can have on young people themselves, how youth work responds to unemployment and what ideas you have about possible future responses that could be made to respond to youth unemployment.
If you can send me any stories I would be most grateful and we will consider reproducing them in any publication that is developed – please state your name, role and any related organisational information in any story you are able to send. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else who might be able to help.
Many thanks – Dave Wiles (CEO)