What risk should ecstasy be saddled with?

I’m been listening to the controversy recently surrounding the danger of the drug ‘ecstasy.’ According to the head of the Government’s drug advisory body, Professor Nutt (no, really… that’s his name), taking ecstasy is no more dangerous than riding a horse!
On the back of this there has been a move to declassify the drug from Class ‘A’ to class ‘B.’ As I was driving to work this morning, musing and listening to the debate, I couldn’t help feeling they were approaching this from the wrong angle. The clear and logical response in my mind was to instead re-classify the risk of ‘Horse Riding’ into a much higher risk bracket!
“Horses: Dangerous at both ends and unsafe in the middle!”

One Reply to “What risk should ecstasy be saddled with?”

  1. I understand the argument he is making today…should ecstasy be classed in the same category as heroin and cocaine?I am not sure it should.Talking of drugs though,alcohol abuse amongst many teenagers is a greater concern to me..from school to University to summer holidays binge drinking is a regular occurrence amongst a fair number of young people.I suppose if they start at sixteen and carry on drinking heavily into their early twenties there must be health issues.

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