the child is the one from whom the adult must learn ..

“…the basic texts of Christian faith contain some startling statements about children (even more startling two thousand years ago than now): the child is the one from whom the adult must learn about ‘the Kingdom of God’; and the one who abuses or corrupts or deceives the child is destined for the harshest of judgements. The child not only has access to the Kingdom, s/he has a privileged place in it. This is not romantic speculation about children trailing clouds of glory, or even a celebration of childlike innocence. In its context, it seems to mean that it is the very powerlessness or vulnerability of the child that is important – important in securing their place of privilege, but also important as reminding the adult that receiving the news of the possibility of change, freedom, love, reconciliation, requires of the adult a degree of vulnerability and spontaneity that is normally overlaid by suspicion and self-defensiveness. ”
Rowan Williams (from a response to ‘The Good Childhood Enquiry’)