Snapshot of the Youthblog Household

Good news: We now have three Guinea pigs and an outside hutch equpped as a Cavvy Nirvana (so they have their shed, I have mine)
Bad news: We have the Win32.vitro virus on our PC and by all accounts that’s REALLY REALLY Bad! (looks like I might be giving up the computer for lent)

4 Replies to “Snapshot of the Youthblog Household”

  1. Really, really bad about sums it up. Win32.Vitro is a reinstall Windows, or restore the machine from backups job to get rid of it I’m afraid.
    Most likely source is online videos, and if you happen to come across an infected video, the virus can infect a whole machine pretty quickly.

  2. VERY excited about the Guinea Pigs – can we have pictures please?
    Sorry to hear about virus – I’m now worrying and running a scan. Just the mention of computer viruses always makes me scan…

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