Ski Trip Talks

My preaching ministry is going downhill …….. or at least it will be soon when I speak on a ski trip in Switzerland.
I’m just having a pray, play and think about a theme for the week but have no inspiration at the moment on what would be good for a ski week with families/teenagers?
(Skiing not being a regular occurence in the Bible apart from a possible allusion in Hebrews 12:12)
Any wisdom?
Captians Log Supplemental: There’s still a couple of place left on the holiday if you fancied a snowy skiing sojourn somewhat soon in sublime Switzerland,

3 Replies to “Ski Trip Talks”

  1. Might not be any skiing in the bible, but there are certainly lots of mountains, for example the gospel yesterday was the transfiguration, so you could maybe do something along the lines of transforming experiences on top of mountains?

  2. Richard got there before me. definitely stacks of mountain stuff as you know. You could even bring in the meeting with the woman at the well towards the end of the week – Jesus’ “you don’t need a mountain” speech
    alternatively you could go with something on COMMUNITY as they will be for the week.
    Or with all that appreciation of nature, how about looking at the various descriptions of God as creator. (Genesis, Job, Psalms etc)

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