Off the Record

As is often the case, a tune gets into my head and I find myself singing (or attempting to) a line or two from the song at random points during the day.
On this particular day it was ‘Young Girl’ by Gary Pucket and the Union Gap. I was overheard by a Youth-worker who suggested if there were to be a complilation album entitled “Inappropriate music for a Youth workers Party’ then this track would certainly feature.
I’ve been quite amused by the idea of this concept complilation album since …………………. oh and have stopped singing this particular track.

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  1. At a residential I sang karaoke doing the female part of Barbie Girl, with a female doing the man. Surreal and totally inappropriate!!!!!

  2. when i was a welfare officer at uni during freshers week kareoke myself and the 2 other welfare officers did ‘I will survive’………… not the most welfare friendly words!

  3. The Sherman Brothers’ (and Ringo Starr’s) “Your’re sixteen, you’re beautiful (And you’re mine)” is clearly inappropriate.
    “Another Brick in the Wall” by the Floyd might have some issues.
    For a while I’ve been tempted to put together a compilation of Song totally inappropriate to play in theatre (I’m a surgeon) – my list thus far includes “Don’t fear the reaper” and “Cuts like a knife” All suggestions gratefully received.

  4. Dr Ian ……….. in terms of surgically ill-advised play list:
    Echo and the Bunnymen: (Spare us) The Cutter
    The Searchers: Needles and Pins
    Rod Stewart: The First cut is the deepest

  5. Brilliant.
    From a technical point of view; if the first cut is the deepest then you’re doing it wrong….!

  6. Ok Doc Ian, you’ve got me going now. Music not for the surgical theatre:
    The Carpenters: You won’t last a day without me
    Corrine Bailey Ray: Breathless
    Kirsty McColl: Can’t stop killing you
    and something you wouldn’t want to be thinking as you go under ….
    The Ting Tings: That’s not my name

  7. When we were getting married, Rosie and I came up with some inappropriate songs to go down the aisle to, including of course:
    I Want To Break Free by Queen
    Praying For The End Of Time by Meatloaf
    As for inappropriate youthworker songs, I’ve had Sam Cooke on my in car CD player recently and often feel the need to skip over:
    [She Was] Only Sixteen

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