Mon voiture retourné

SNLPG Astra.jpgMy car is back from the dent-doctor and is once again equipped with correctly curving (and opening) doors. Those who recall the incident will know that I developed a whole new coping mechanism in the form of amateur French poetry! *Gallic Laughter* So, to end as the saga began:

quelle joyeux
mon voiture
(Hey Hey)

This entry filed under ‘it could be verse?’ …. with apologies 🙂

3 Replies to “Mon voiture retourné”

  1. You still need some intensive work on your French accent….its not quite there yet, but well done you for having a go!

  2. Pat
    My French ….. and my accent are terrible, this is why having a bash at poetry is ludicrously funny (at least to me). I think I am a bit more Franglais than Francais
    I’ve been messing in my mind today with a German poem that covers the whole event …. trickier to rhyme than French though.

  3. Yes it is ludicrously funny…..and it helps to keep the stress of youth work at bay…so looking forward to the next installment of a German poem…or could it be verse?

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