Friday Smile

I’m not sure if this has a massive connnection to informal education but there is a real attempt to help the person discover the answer/learning for themselves. If you’ve ever been frustrated when someone failed to ‘get it’ or make the connection then you’ll probably enjoy this ………..
Sound file …….. “What did Sir Walter Raleigh bring back?”

Mission Impossible

If you are feeling creative I coulod do with some help.The next VERTIGO youth event is themed around ‘Justice’ working with a verse from Micah:
Micah 6:8 (New International Version)
8 He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

At the start of the evening we want to do a kind of ‘Mission Impossible’ thing along the lines of, “Your mission (should you choose to accept it) ………” But I am struggling to write a script for the voice over guy to record over the video that creatively expresses the call to Justice and Kingdom.
Any scribblings apreciated.

Community Photography

I visited a fantastic Youth and Community project yesterday on an Estate that has been through a lot of re-generation work and change. The community centre had had a complete re-build and included a dedicated youth room, meeting rooms, a shop and a community hall.
Around the walls were photos of members of the community young and old. The pictures, which looked fantastic, were the results of a great piece of work photographing key members of the community … and also recording some of the locations that would dissapear in the re-generation work. The photographs were all done by a professional photographer and produced on canvas frames.
I thought this was a fantastic piece of work in recognising key characters of the estate young and old, the conversations and stories that the piece of work produced AND the sense of ownership it created in the community centre.
community photo.jpg

and now the news from the JNC

jncnews update.jpg
March 23rd: Soul Survivor Taster day in Watford
The STORM Camp for teneagers is an Easter residential connected with SU. I understand numbers are a bit lower than usual this year and so there are still places. Have a look!
Legendary veteran Schools worker wayne Dixon asked me to flag up their Easter Story Project as a model worth seeing and using ………..
“The Easter Story 2-6 March Slough Baptist Church: Presentations in church for primary school pupils that have been run for 15 years and is developing in many areas. Interested in coming along to have a look? If you or someone you’re your church would like to come and visit- you’d be very welcome – just let me know. Sessions run from 9.30-11.30am or 12.30-2.30pm [email protected] 01753 523058 Other areas locally and further a field involved as well during later part of March. Other venues and info here and here!
The Streetbrand Magazine have set up their own alternative Social Networking site which has been publicised recently. There has also been some criticism of the safety of this site circulating via various networks. I have e–mailed Streetbrand and have received a helpful response if anyone would like to see it.
Monday 9th March: REVISITING RELATIONAL YOUTH MINISTRY – with Andrew Root. A unique opportunity to hear visiting speaker Professor Andrew Root, author of Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry. Root is an innovative thinker around youth ministry, and has worked alongside Kenda Creasy Dean. For more information and booking form contact David Welch, Diocesan Youth Adviser O1483 484908 [email protected]

Snapshot of the Youthblog Household

Good news: We now have three Guinea pigs and an outside hutch equpped as a Cavvy Nirvana (so they have their shed, I have mine)
Bad news: We have the Win32.vitro virus on our PC and by all accounts that’s REALLY REALLY Bad! (looks like I might be giving up the computer for lent)

The Gap Year

Taking a year out? (or as someone said in this Months Yoofwurk magazine, ‘A year in’ which I liked) or have a few months to invest, then here art some contacts (and the tag-line* which seems to be an emerging trend in gap year-dom):

ht to Sarah (who appropriated my list, and I am now appropriately re-appropriating it)
If you are an organisation that feels disgruntled for being left out then e-mail me and I’ll add you in!
*This whole tag-line thing prompted the random thought, “Discipleship, Exactly what was said by the man!” (with apologies to the Varnish manufacturer whose name I have forgotten)