Soulnet conference et al

I’ve booked into the Soulnet retreat which I’m really looking forward to! However, I am going on my own and will be M.O.F* (as they say in German) so would love to hear from some fellow Soul, er …. netters with a view to meets up for coffee, food, prayer or …. swim!
(or, in fact, all of the above but not necessarily all at the same time).
My more studious colleagues are currently away at the IASYM (International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry) conference, which I would have liked to have been at but the timing doesn’t work well for me. I look forward to hearing from some of the delegates though and maybe reading some of the papers from there?
And while I’m talking about all things conferencey, Hello to anyone who will be going to the “Bible Centred Youth Worker” conference! (If anyone from the Good book company reads this and would like to invite me over for a day, that would be cool as I’d love to see what/how you work)
*M.O.F is the German equivalent of ‘Norman no mates’ but a lot more literal, it means person without friends!

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  1. Bit of a weird one but I have booked in and paid for Soul Net retreat. However, I no longer work for the church that paid! I am not sure if I am still going to go but I am hoping to! So, if I am there, coffee and a chat is a certainty!

  2. What are the actual words for MOF in German, is it “*something* ohne Freunde”????
    Wanted to find the answer but wikipedia didn’t have it, instead it suggested you might be a
    Meta Object Facility
    Meilleur Ouvrier de France
    Multiple Organ Failure
    Ministry of Finance
    or Mountain of Faith.
    I’m going to Soulnet as an MOF too

  3. Hi Ian, I will be there – with my group of mates. We’ll be cliquey and look down on you M.O.F.s!
    Seriously coffee, chat and a race down the rapids sounds like an excellent idea. Looking forward to it enourmously.

  4. Studious type returned from an AMAZING IASYM conference. It is SO cool!
    Norwegian Happy Birthday song and Pete Ward playing bluegrass were my particular highlights of fun and profundity.
    Can share with you some papers for sure but I think it would have to be over lunch… or coffee!

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