Rules, eh!

My daughter was packing her rucsack this morning and included within all the usual school gumpf was her swimming gear. I was a bit surprised at this as her arm is in plaster and she is not allowed to get the cast wet, pretty much making swimming off limits (unless one attempted an unusual one arm in the air backstroke while avoiding any splashing).
Thinking she might have forgotten she had a fractured arm I mentioned that she wouldn’t be needing her kit? Apparently though she did need her swim gear as school policy dictates that even if you cannot do PE you have to show that you had brought the correct kit (that would have allowed you to do the sport that you cannot do, if you were able to do it)!
Rules, eh!
(This has had me chuckling most of the morning)

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  1. oh those rules, something else to make you laugh then youtblog. Myself and my wife went to get a new car a couple of months ago, all was going well, she found a car, and they were sorting out a finance deal for us through my account, as i had paid for the previous car through my account as well. all went fine, and I passed all checks until, they asked me for my driving liscence. I asked if they were serious as I was blind, and they then told me that we could not have the finance or the car, because I didn’t have the liscence, i may have had the money, but not the liscence, sure you iwll get loads of stories and laughs out of that one.

  2. have you seen the cover of the Sun today.’School bans word school’ – apparently it is not PC enough so it is now to be called a place of learning instead. I know you cannot believe everything you read in the currant bun but still…….
    I will complain on behalf of fish everywhere.

  3. Stu,
    I’m not sure my school on the whole was ‘a place of learning’ ……. more of a place of Darwinian struggles to retain a sense of self worth, hey ho
    Oh and the fish thank you for their concern but feel they can always fall back on the word “shoal” as an adequate substitute, or maybe ‘place of communal swimming’

  4. You missed ‘oh and the fish tank you for your concern’. Please you got the plaince of learning gag though. Back to work !

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