JNC News

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And now, *serious broadcaster type voice* the latest news from, the JNC:
Holiday brochures are out for CYFA, Urban Saints, Walsingham and S.U. Please plug, pray, use and volunteer.

The youth version
of CPAS “Growing Leaders” is launched on Feb 11th. There is a national training tour off the back off this and it’ll be in Warwick on March 7th, Richmond on April 4th and Sheffield on June 27th!

Youthwork Lectures on theology, youth and culture
on the 28th March in Winchester. Youth work Lectures Poster.pdf (I hope to be there)
Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry with Andrew Root. Monday 2nd March 11am – 3:30 pm. E-mail David Welch for more information. (I aim to be there)
Shockwave Event:
Did you know that 2/3 of the world’s population live in areas where preaching about Jesus is restricted, and 60% of those are under 18? Every year, Open Doors runs a global prayer focus called Shockwave, aimed at getting young people and students praying for the Persecuted Church over the first weekend in March. As part of this weekend, Open Doors are holding a prayer event on Saturday 7th March at St Aldate’s (Oxford) from 7:30-9:30, and young people and students from all over the Oxford area are invited to come along and pray. Bring your mates, your youth group, your family, your entire town or just yourself, and join us!
Find us on Facebook: search for the Shockwave event, join the underground or Open Doors groups, or support the Walk In Their Shoes cause!
DEPTH 2: Diocesan retreat for Childrens and/or Youth workers is on Feb 3rd and 4th. We can still just about squeeze you in if you are interested,

Creosote safety

In a pitiful attempt to get my google ranking for “Creosote Substitute” back onto the first page I thought I would write something about Creosotic safety. So, if you are transporting Creosote substitute, make sure (as in the example here) that it is wearing it’s safety belt!
creosote belt.jpg
Ok, I admit I’ve been working at the desk for too long and am getting a bit off-the-wall. (Thinking about it, creosoting 650 sq ft of fence at the weekend may also be a contributory factor)
But the picture made me laugh, not that that’s a really useful guide.

Cardboard Communion Alt Worship

Our Anglican service this morning strayed into the territory of alt-worship. While communion was happening, this film was playing as a huge backdrop (literally and symbolically), a series of testimonies written on cardboard as to how Jesus had changed the holder’s lives.

I was on Chalice duty so couldn’t see how it looked, but I loved the idea.

Brought the silence to me

seasick steve.jpgI was watching a programme of American Folk music,subtitled “Hollerers, Stompers and Old-Time Ramblers!” It was fronted by the wonderful Seasick Steve (the programme is here if you are in the UK).
Seasick Steve is a natural story teller whether he is talking or singing, but there was one particular phrase he used that really caught my attention. As he introduced Diana Jones he said that he’d been listening to her rehearse earlier and she had “brought the silence to me!
I loved this phrase! It struck me as a great phrase for when we connect with God in Worship (by whatever media that is), “It brought the slience to me”

Literary sales during the economic downturn

Last year I wrote a piece about knowing how JK Rowling felt, after the commission on worldwide sales* of my book** arrived! Sadly I blew the entire £37.61 partying and living it up. This years cheque has just arrived and the econmic downturn is biting hard cutting my earnings by 44%. But I’m pleased as punch with sales last year bringing me in £21.31.
It isn’t going to go to my head though and I plan to retain my day job!
Got to go, my agent has secured me a new project …. I’m writng a pilot for a set of instructions for a flat pack bookcase.

*ok, worldwide sales is a slight exageration, but I believe there was a copy sold on the Isle of Wight
** Ok by “my book” I really mean the booklet that I co-authored *laughing*

Captain’s Log supplemental: I nipped out in my lunch hour and blew the whole lot on twenty litres of creosote Subsitute!

New look

I know a couple of people liked the white background look but trawling around t’internet it seems that the world and his wife are now sporting the bright white template look on their blogs. So I decided I positively wanted to something that was by contrast (literally) negative!
new banner.jpg
Not sure about the blue for banner headers on the sidebar yet, I would welcome your suggestions!

Taize service at Dorchester Abbey

taizepicjpegsmall.jpgI’m heading up to Dorchester Abbey for a Taize service on Sunday night, if anyone else would like to come to a contemplative, candle fuelled service it’d be great to hook up with you.
I’ve been asked to bring some young people with me too, I’m taking my boy, H but if anyone else from Newbury wants to tag along ….. that’s be fab!

Looking like a blogs dinner

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There is major fettling happening today to the blog template, a process which Movable Type is making more complex than some complex stuff that’s at the Rocket Science end of Brain Surgery. Apologies for the blogs dinner that it may look during this process.
I’m hoping it’ll look like Youthblog again soon BUT I’m throwing in a free extra column by way of apology.
VOTE: I was planning to re-create the black background as before, however several people on Facebook have said, no – go light! So pleeeeaaase let me know. So Black backround, white background or other?
THANKS: Feedback via comments here and FB very much appreciated. Pictures and Monkey will be a high priority, as will getting the blog roll back and other side bar applications. Work continues this morning!