Literary sales during the economic downturn

Last year I wrote a piece about knowing how JK Rowling felt, after the commission on worldwide sales* of my book** arrived! Sadly I blew the entire £37.61 partying and living it up. This years cheque has just arrived and the econmic downturn is biting hard cutting my earnings by 44%. But I’m pleased as punch with sales last year bringing me in £21.31.
It isn’t going to go to my head though and I plan to retain my day job!
Got to go, my agent has secured me a new project …. I’m writng a pilot for a set of instructions for a flat pack bookcase.

*ok, worldwide sales is a slight exageration, but I believe there was a copy sold on the Isle of Wight
** Ok by “my book” I really mean the booklet that I co-authored *laughing*

Captain’s Log supplemental: I nipped out in my lunch hour and blew the whole lot on twenty litres of creosote Subsitute!

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  1. I am not sure that DIY is your thing ….maybe you should consider another genre for your writing skills.I am thinking aloud now… SHEDS!?

  2. The Shed genre has been well covered recently with two excellent books pitched at the eccentric Christmas market in the last two years. i would love to write a Shed book, I just need to find a new angle ………… open to suggestions

  3. Hmmm, new angle on Sheds?
    How about….”My shed and me: a modern metaphor on, and analysis of, the desperate search for belonging, purpose and personal space in a post-post-modernist, credit-crunched-consumerist, neo-pagan culture?”
    Just a thought.

  4. New angle in our times…. a title for your book …The versatility of Your Shed in the ‘Credit Crunch’ by I M

  5. Actually I J your book sounds more deep and meaningful…I think my title needs more …something… to get the readers excited….. Hmm.. maybe not… looking at the profits of the last work by the author..don’t need to worry too much.

  6. Just came across an M&S shed-style ceramic biscuit jar (on their website – if you want to pursue). Post consumerist? Maybe not quite yet…
    Something like “How ridiculous can gifts related to an interest get?” !!!!!!!

  7. Sue,
    I found it here:
    It looks more like a house than a shed to me. The other funny thing though is that the designer has done what often happens in shed adverts, that is, put a pair of wellies outside! I can’t imagine having a shed so pristeen that you took your wellies off to go in.
    Thanks for the link

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