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  1. I always liked the McKinsey definition of strategy “a cohesive response to a challenge”. Therefore leadership would be “ensuring a cohesive response to a challenge” i.e. making sure everyine was focussed int he same direction.

  2. Got a selection of some of my favourite leadership quotes on the ‘Insight’ blog. Added some new ones only a couple of days ago. Just click on ‘food for thought’ section. How’s that for a plug 🙂
    BTW new blog design is looking good so far.

  3. The Leader
    I wanna be the leader
    I wanna be the leader
    Can I be the leader?
    Can I? I can?
    Promise? Promise?
    Yippee I’m the leader
    I’m the leader
    OK what shall we do?

  4. I’m OK with light on dark or vice versa but bring back the pictures.
    1) turning up
    2) don’t drop the sword
    3) don’t start a land war in Asia

  5. I’ve appreciated following your blog – but I remember one quote about leadership
    A leader is someone who has followers
    don’t know who said it though

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