Creosote safety

In a pitiful attempt to get my google ranking for “Creosote Substitute” back onto the first page I thought I would write something about Creosotic safety. So, if you are transporting Creosote substitute, make sure (as in the example here) that it is wearing it’s safety belt!
creosote belt.jpg
Ok, I admit I’ve been working at the desk for too long and am getting a bit off-the-wall. (Thinking about it, creosoting 650 sq ft of fence at the weekend may also be a contributory factor)
But the picture made me laugh, not that that’s a really useful guide.

3 Replies to “Creosote safety”

  1. How tall is that creosote substitute? Does it qualify as a child creosote substitute or an adult creosote substitute? Cos if it’s a child creosote substitute it might need a booster seat…

  2. The legislation re height only applies to bipedic carbon based pre-adult bodies, not wood preservatives.
    According to my risk assessment (copies available for inspection) the forward inertial mass of 20 litres of Creosote would be less effectively contained given the presence of a Mu Limiting shiny booster seats contact with the base of the barrel.
    This confirms my ability to write UTTER nonsense

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