Reading the newspaper(s) before work (as I often do) is normally a useful source of information, thinking and of course, blog fodder. On Friday however the news coverage had a profoundly unbalancing effect on me and it took me the rest of the day to get a proper handle on my emotions and thoughts.
Friday morning was the first I had seen of the airline crash in New York and I devoured every word of the story. I found myself elated by the survival of everyone aboard, the skill of the pilot, the superb way the ferries and rescue services had worked together and the attitude of the survivors. It brought a tear to my eye and created an oddly joyous and exilerating effect in/on me.
However, on from this story we were straight into the horrors of Gaza. I have been truly appalled by Israels brutal assault of the civilian population of Gaza and it has been saddening me each day. On Friday though, to move from the crash story of hope and humanity into the devistating pictures and coverage of dead children, terrified people and Israel’s use of phospherous shells deeply affected me.
There was something about this stark contrast betwwen our human potential for good and the ever present human capability for depravity that ‘knocked me for six!’ As a Christian, the tension of us being fallen human beings who nevertheless are truly made in the image of God, and to bear his likeness, should come as no surprise. I think on Friday, it was that the story of the crash and the way everyone responded made the hate, cruelty, inhumanity and evil of the conflict seem so much, if this is posible, worse.
For reasons that I cannot fully explain it took me the rest of the day to recover some sort of perspective. I wanted to write something, but couldn’t.
I pray that the ceasefire holds, and I pray with all those who are mourning.

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  1. I agree, my seventeen yr old daughter came back from town and she told me of a peaceful demonstration, she was willing me to get involved and take her too.Praying is central…. but there was a time in my past life when I would have taken action.Maybe K was reflecting this back to me.

  2. I was still struggling with an image from months ago of a 3 year old girl in Congo who had been raped, when last week I was in a lecture on e-safety and was told that the Cornwall police had just dealt with the people responsible for a video of a 4 month old being tied down and raped.
    The depravity of humanity has stopped me in my tracks. The lyrics ‘break my heart for what breaks yours’ has a whole new meaning for me. I have a God who knows pain, physical and emotional. I have a God who loves everyone, no matter what is hidden in the depths of their heart.

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