CAF jargon

I’m at a forum today with other organizations from the voluntary sector (the ‘3rd Sector’) looking at how we can/should/might be involved in the delivery of the ‘Common Assessment Framework’ and how we relate to it, and how information sharing might work.
I was very impressed with the fact there is a board up at the front of the room which has a key to jargon that may appear in the discussions. (I have been to meetings with statutory bodies in the past where operatives from Bletchley Park would not have cracked the cyphers involved)
I’ll write more about CAF opportunities, responsibilities and tensions in a fuller post BUT in case you are encountering some of this stuff, here are some of the acronyms:
CYP Children and Young people
TAP Team around the provider
CAF Common Assessment Framework
LD Local delivery
TAC Team around the child
EIP Early intervention Panel
PCT Primary Care Trust
YOS Youth Offending Service

2 Replies to “CAF jargon”

  1. Please don’t talk to me about jargon, it does my head in. Why can’t people talk normally? I went to one meeting where the buzz word was capacity – in relation to amounts of time. ‘Does anyone have the capacity to do this?’ etc…
    But I do quite like the idea of the jargon buster, I might have to suggest it down here.

  2. Sarah,
    I think that would be an excellent way of optimizing the client engagement and produce positive outcomes across the board. I do hope you have the capacity to implement this.

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