A Snapshot from The Youthblog household

Arriving home from a meeting with some Swedish Youth workers, my daughter met me by the car. As we strolled towards the front door of Macdonald Towers I saw the sledge leaning against the wall!
“Why?”, I asked my daughter, “is the sledge out?”
“Oh,” she replied, “because S (youngest son) was sledging down the stairs UNTIL mum found out!”
It sometimes feels like Outnumbered is based on our family, we became even more convinced of this when in this series the parents were talking about having being married EXACTLY the same time as my wife and I, 17 years!

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  1. If any of the sciptwriters from outnumbered read the blog, they’ll be kicking themselves for not having thought of that one. Maybe you could lend them S for the writing of series 2…

  2. Hahaha! …all the way from the top and round the corners avoiding the bookcases or just the straight bit at the bottom??!?

  3. we’ve had a similar thought at our house the coincidnces are that the TV family have three kids called jake (secondary school grunts a lot) ben (big mop of curly hair) and kathryn (?) and a grandad who is going mad called frank
    we have four kids one called jake (secondary school grunts a lot) Ben (big mop of curly hair dan and jas. and a grandad called frank who is slightly mad

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