Problems with the Gerbil

I’ve just discovered there has been an enormous problem with the comments on the blog.
There is a kind of electronic Gerbil that runs around the site sniffing out Spam and eating it before it appears on Youthblog. The Gerbil is normally quite compliant and happily ingests anything to do with Viagra, Russian brides or Time Share holidays. For reasons that escape me, its appetite has grown enormously and for the last week or more it has been eating EVERYTHING. If you’ve commented, then frustratingly, the Gerbil has gobbled it up.
I’ve managed to get it to regurgitate the last four days worth (and they are now on the blog) but anything before that is now just electronic Gerbil poop and unrecoverable.
I’m especially concerned that comments to the Where are they now post may have been lost. If you commented PLEASE could you re-scribble the gist of your thoughts.
Enormous apologies if yours is one of the comments that has not appeared, and please be assured that I have done some re-training of the Gerbil in order that your comments are food for thought and not fodder for the rodent.
rodent pc power wheel.jpg
(Fortunately the Hamster in charge of system power management is still performing well)

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