Youthwork the conference(s)

Hey, how was the conference? Having not been able to make it this year, I’ve been monitoring the web to see who is saying what, but so far …. very little in the way of comment (I guess people may still be recovering).
These are the posts relating to Southport and Eastbourne I’ve spotted:
Karen of Luton with an overview
Amanda reflects on the reflective listening seminar
Liz of Essex who mentions a “we love our youthworker” charter (anyone got more info?)
Schoolswork have some photos from Southport

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  1. It’s a funky initiative of Amaze and Youthwork the partnership with groovy youthworker cartoons by Dave Walker. I should be getting some of the postcards if there were some left over so will bring some on 6th if I’ve got them by then!!

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