Travels in 2009

Twice next year I’ll be jumping on buses for insanely long journeys to mainland Europe. This isn’t a problem though as I am really excited about both, and twenty odd hours on a coach is fine providing you have a neck pillow and a sense of humour!
In July I am off to Taize with a bunch of young people for a week of living in community with the brothers there and 5000 other international visitors!
In April I am off to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland as Gold Hill holidays have asked me to speak on one of their trips. I’m really looking forward to this as: it’s such a fun and rewarding ministry opportunity, I get to ski to the max in the shadow of the Monch, Jungfrau and the Eiger …………….. oh and it’s a German speaking area so i get to inflict practice my German on the locals.
And of course, I very much hoping to be Greenbelting!