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One of the things I’d love to do a course on is how to fully use Photoshop. At the moment I can only use a small percentage of it’s capabilities, which is still fun but there are so many more possibilities. For our ladz weekend away I was chuffed with a group shop we got atop the Malverns but the other people in the background made the picture less striking. It was a fairly easy move though to remove them.
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What is scary though is what a professional can do with a picture, the ‘airbrushed’ re-interpreting of reality! I thought this site therefore was fabulous. It’s called Photoshop Disasters and is a great reminder of how many pictures are doctored AND that it can go very wrong when you start to mess with reality! Enjoy ……..
1. Check out the reflection
pshop disaster media cardweb.jpg
2. Legs traditionally meet up with the body
pshop disaster legsweb.jpg
3. Levitating plate
pshop disaster platesweb.jpg
I reckon you could usefully use some of the images from the site for a session on media or reality. Have fun
(PS, I found this site on someone’s blog at some point but have no recollection of who? (sorry) ht to you)

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  1. Its not a garage…yes there is a garage door.. but behind that door is a make shift music room…its a cheap and easy way to add space to the home, we have one ourselves…although looking at the size of the house,the extra space would probably be for a gym….or hot tub.

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