Impact measurment

I’ve been spammed kindly sent details of a one day conference:
“Advance Beyond Target Chasing &
Strategically Measure Impacts & Outcomes.
Working In Partnership To Embed Measurement Into Your Service And Effectively Evaluate The Impact Your Work Has On Children & Young People’s Lives”

I’ve applied a rhetoric filter and used a jargon translator* but I’m still not sure how embedding measurement means you will no longer be chasing targets! I’m also unsure what ‘impact measurment’ looks like? I guess that means I should go eh, all I need now is to overcome the negative impact the £450 fee would make on my limited budget!
In terms of impact measurement though, has this particular blog post made:
1. no discernible surface damage
2. a small dent
3. a definite hole with cracks spreading away edgeways
4. smashed the thing to pieces
* yes I realise the irony of me crtiticising verbiage