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I have hit bloggers block! Several times this week I have logged on with the hope of writing something but have failed to find the topic on which the something might be written. This uber case of bloggers block is further compounded by the fact that I am one of the two people with whom the resonsibility of the STEM department rests (Our boss has left thus leaving the deps’ holding the ‘baby’**). This has had a negative impact on creative thinking time!
I’m not ready to give up on Youthblog yet AND am still as passionate as ever about work with young people, faith, life ……….. oh and Garden Sheds 🙂 So, I need your help!
What would be useful to raise debate about? What youth work/ministry challenges and conundrums have I failed to cover? What metaphorical itches could do with a collective scratch being started on? What is it that you wish Youthblog wrestled more with? Is there a one-off question that would make a useful blog post? Where do you as the Youthblog collective want to go?
I’m aware that I’m sounding a bit like a DJ on local radio! *Apply cheesy tone* “Hello listeners and welcome to Youthblog Radio, today it’s a request show SOOOO over to you pop pickers, pick your pop!” *Cue annoying Jingle*
Shalom (and thank you)
(** This last 2 weeks has created additional load as not only has my boss left and left the two deputies holding the metaphorical ‘baby’ BUT in addition, my fellow deputy is on paternity leave and therefore actually holding a literal baby)

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  1. Hi Ian,
    Firstly, thanks for continuing to put ideas and thoughts out there and for being honest about a lack of inspiration. I think we all have these moments!
    As for topics and themes, a few threads that seem to be emerging in my world are:
    The public perception of young people and general negativity towards them.
    The purpose and values of youth work. Andrew Root’s ‘Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry’ has got me thinking about why we do what we do and what is the theological grounding for it. He argues that much Christian relational ministry is based on seeking to ‘influence’ young people to Christ rather than simply journeying with them through incarnation.
    The future of youth work as a government-commissioned service. It seems a pretty unsustainable model and is based on targeted outcomes rather than long-term un-quantifiable interactions. There is a ground swell towards a more grass-roots, informal approach to youth work again.
    Hope that gives you some food for thought!

  2. Ideas? struggling for them myself, but some things i have thought about:
    1: Musical lyrics and their influence over people, IE, Leona Lewis, in her recent song seemingly suggesting that it is ok if the pperson you are in relationship doesn’t match up, you can explore elsewhere.
    2: should outhwork be adult dictated and lead, or lead by young people with guidence from adults.
    3: professionaliation of youthwork vs calling, hot one this one.
    4: challenging separation of rolls at home, IE, when is a youth worker a youth worker, and when are they a parent? especially when you have teenage kids?
    5: should we hold an annual celebration for the wonder that is youthblogger?
    6: is youthwork taken serioulsy yet, or is it still just a tag on in most palces?
    Just some starters,there, if I have more will post later.

  3. Hi Ian
    I’m currently doing some thinking under the title “Where have all the JNC qualified workers gone?” after discovering the lack of people applying for (let alone getting) second+ jobs. One suggestion is the clash between churches that wish to employ youth MINISTERS but get youth WORKERS – and the difficulties this brings. Other thoughts also abound, but suffice to say here that any insight into where the workers are going, or whether we do youth work OR ministry would be a valid discussion I feel!
    Hope all’s well!

  4. I tend to find all sorts of things can have an influence on blogging – a new baby combined with an impending big building project at Church for example.
    One way I’ve found to vaguely keep interest going is using FriendFeed – with that I can highlight interesting articles/postings without having to write a complete posting on the blog, and it’s something I can dip into and out of.

  5. Me ? I think you do great with what you do : the spiritual, the absurd and the pround all mix here brilliantly.
    But if you want ideas …
    1) 24’s new series : redemption. Discuss
    2) Why do we need a new book called Finding Happiness by Abbott Christopher Jamison ?
    3) Christmas Materialism for an ipod generation
    Youthblog is established enough that you could invite daily blogs from other sources i.e. book reviews. Another football blog I view has comments from one guy on a daily basis but match reviews from another : appropriately credited it works very well, knowing you are reading 2 viewpoints rather than just one.
    Alternatively just read the Daily Mail. there is enough in there to make your blood boil every day !

  6. Ian
    I think you do a great job with the youthblog…. something which I have been pondering and praying about in recent weeks..
    How do we help young people whom want to take the middle ground in the youth culture? How do we help them negotiate ‘the excesses’?….. the young people whom are Christians but not ‘out there championing the Christian Union for instance’ and not comfortable at Spring Harvest or such like events ?…there are lots of young Christians in this band.

  7. Particularly interested in exploring
    – Youth work vs Ministry
    – seeking to influence towards Christ vs journeying alongside young people
    – Professionaliation vs Calling
    – challenging separation of rolls at home..youth work /parenting
    – Christmas materialism for an ipod generation

  8. Hi Ian,
    First of all an encouragement for youthblog. Amusing, informative, thought provoking and creosote too!
    Areas for thought and wrestling with:
    – Do rules created by a group really work or do yp tell you what you want to hear, sign up to them and then ignore them? The youthworker then uses the rules as a weapon! I have a colleague who has one rule: Respect. Which covers everything and produces many useful conversations.
    – Why do so many newly qualified youthworkers turn away from the church and even youthwork. This links to the yw vs. ministry debate already mentioned.
    – Professional youthworker vs. a group of enthusiastic volunteers. I have been approached by a number of churches who don’t have many youth but want to employ a professional to kick start something, but then get put off by the cost/unavailability of youthworkers. Consequently nothing happens!
    – Are Apex sheds the way forward or will the pent shed make a comeback?
    – Should we be encouraging so many yp to go into youthwork when its all we know! Sometimes it seems to me that yp are pushed that way as its convenient and helpful to the youthworker.

  9. love all that you do here, Ian……a bright star in the blog galaxy!
    think the above comments agree with that too!
    How about a post on the right use of punctuation!?!

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