Google alerts

google alert.jpgThis is a bit of a geeky post today BUT hey stay with me ‘cos it’s potentially really useful!
If you already use Google Alerts then you are excused, if not …………… here’s the low down.
If there is a subject that you regularly head off into the Googleverse to find out what’s what on, then Goodle Alerts will save you a bunch of time. With a Google alert you just tell Google the subject you are interested in, say for example ‘garden shed’ or ‘youth work’ and once a day you get an e-mail report detailing where on the web that subject has occurred that day. You can also choose to only receive blog or web or video or group or news coverage. Genius!
google alert input.jpg
It’s like having your very own media information butler.
*ahem* “Sir, there is some information at the door which may be of interest!”
google alert garden shed.jpg