Call to worship

I love this ‘call to worship’ from the book, Alternative Worship! I won’t write the whole thing up as it feels like a copyright no no, I hope the authors will forgive me writing some of it here:
alt worship book by baker.jpg“Life is an indescribable gift
Our worship is a celebration of that gift
And the giver.
In our worship we have rediscovered
God’s marvellous affirmation of life.
This is the different from the faith
that many of us experienced in the past
Religion that was life-denying
Worship that was monochrome and one-dimensional
Where our senses and culture were left at the door
Tonight we invite you to bring all that you are
into worship
Your struggles and failures.
Your joys and fears.
Your faith and your doubts.
Your culture.
Your sensuality.
Your whole self ……………. “

You should buy this book! (Liturgy that calls for worship and reality that trumps Religiosity and Nietzschian philosophy, what’s not to love?)