A question of songs?

Having posed the Killers question, ‘are we human or are we dancer?’ and enjoyed the responses enormously, it then triggered a related train of thought. Driving to work this morning I found myself wondering how many song titles I could thing of that were questions? Despite thirty miles of gentle cerebral exercise my list is disappointingly small. I came up with:

Where were you hiding?
The Alarm
Is this love? Whitesnake
What’s love got to do with it? Tina Turner
Where is the love? Black eyed Peas
Friday brain stretch …………….. add to the list

6 Replies to “A question of songs?”

  1. can you feel the love tonight? Elton John
    Do you really want to hurt me? Culture club
    Is this the world we created? Queen
    this is tough though!

  2. From my frighteningly (and slightly embarrassingly) eclectic iTunes library:
    – Do they know it’s Christmas? – Band Aid
    – Have you fed the fish? – Badly Drawn Boy (Album and Song Title)
    – Lost? – Coldplay
    – Can you feel it? – David Crowder Band
    – When will you (make my telephone ring?) – Deacon Blue
    – Are You A Hypnotist?? – The Flaming Lips
    – Do You Realize?? – The Flaming Lips
    – Do you know how much you’ve been loved? – John Davis
    – Is it any wonder? – Keane
    – Leaving so soon? – Keane
    – Why do I keep counting? – The Killers
    – Can I ascend? – Matt Redman
    – Do you dream of me? – Michael W. Smith
    – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? – Moby
    – Did I Have To See The World? – Neil Alton
    – What Am I To You? – Norah Jones
    – In the flesh? – Pink Floyd
    – Is there anybody out there? – Pink Floyd
    – Is that love? – Squeeze
    – Whatever Happened to Corey Haim? – The Thrills
    – Do You Know What Your Future Will Be? – Toploader
    – Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble? – Delirious? (bonus point as the artist name is also a question?)
    – Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love? – The Zutons
    – Can I Kick It? – Tribe Called Quest
    Two songs for exasperated youth workers:
    – What is it now? – Badly Drawn Boy
    – Who cares? – Gnarls Barkley
    And finally the classic:
    – What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? – R.E.M.

  3. Do you remember the first time? – PULP
    Why does my heart feel so bad? – MOBY
    That is all I can do.
    But I have noticed my natural tendancy is to write all my blog titles as questions. Always try to re-write them though to be more creative.

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