Ideas transfusion

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I have hit bloggers block! Several times this week I have logged on with the hope of writing something but have failed to find the topic on which the something might be written. This uber case of bloggers block is further compounded by the fact that I am one of the two people with whom the resonsibility of the STEM department rests (Our boss has left thus leaving the deps’ holding the ‘baby’**). This has had a negative impact on creative thinking time!
I’m not ready to give up on Youthblog yet AND am still as passionate as ever about work with young people, faith, life ……….. oh and Garden Sheds 🙂 So, I need your help!
What would be useful to raise debate about? What youth work/ministry challenges and conundrums have I failed to cover? What metaphorical itches could do with a collective scratch being started on? What is it that you wish Youthblog wrestled more with? Is there a one-off question that would make a useful blog post? Where do you as the Youthblog collective want to go?
I’m aware that I’m sounding a bit like a DJ on local radio! *Apply cheesy tone* “Hello listeners and welcome to Youthblog Radio, today it’s a request show SOOOO over to you pop pickers, pick your pop!” *Cue annoying Jingle*
Shalom (and thank you)
(** This last 2 weeks has created additional load as not only has my boss left and left the two deputies holding the metaphorical ‘baby’ BUT in addition, my fellow deputy is on paternity leave and therefore actually holding a literal baby)


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One of the things I’d love to do a course on is how to fully use Photoshop. At the moment I can only use a small percentage of it’s capabilities, which is still fun but there are so many more possibilities. For our ladz weekend away I was chuffed with a group shop we got atop the Malverns but the other people in the background made the picture less striking. It was a fairly easy move though to remove them.
Woolhope ladz3 group editohnepplweb.jpg
What is scary though is what a professional can do with a picture, the ‘airbrushed’ re-interpreting of reality! I thought this site therefore was fabulous. It’s called Photoshop Disasters and is a great reminder of how many pictures are doctored AND that it can go very wrong when you start to mess with reality! Enjoy ……..
1. Check out the reflection
pshop disaster media cardweb.jpg
2. Legs traditionally meet up with the body
pshop disaster legsweb.jpg
3. Levitating plate
pshop disaster platesweb.jpg
I reckon you could usefully use some of the images from the site for a session on media or reality. Have fun
(PS, I found this site on someone’s blog at some point but have no recollection of who? (sorry) ht to you)

Youthwork the conference(s)

Hey, how was the conference? Having not been able to make it this year, I’ve been monitoring the web to see who is saying what, but so far …. very little in the way of comment (I guess people may still be recovering).
These are the posts relating to Southport and Eastbourne I’ve spotted:
Karen of Luton with an overview
Amanda reflects on the reflective listening seminar
Liz of Essex who mentions a “we love our youthworker” charter (anyone got more info?)
Schoolswork have some photos from Southport

Travels in 2009

Twice next year I’ll be jumping on buses for insanely long journeys to mainland Europe. This isn’t a problem though as I am really excited about both, and twenty odd hours on a coach is fine providing you have a neck pillow and a sense of humour!
In July I am off to Taize with a bunch of young people for a week of living in community with the brothers there and 5000 other international visitors!
In April I am off to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland as Gold Hill holidays have asked me to speak on one of their trips. I’m really looking forward to this as: it’s such a fun and rewarding ministry opportunity, I get to ski to the max in the shadow of the Monch, Jungfrau and the Eiger …………….. oh and it’s a German speaking area so i get to inflict practice my German on the locals.
And of course, I very much hoping to be Greenbelting!

Google alerts

google alert.jpgThis is a bit of a geeky post today BUT hey stay with me ‘cos it’s potentially really useful!
If you already use Google Alerts then you are excused, if not …………… here’s the low down.
If there is a subject that you regularly head off into the Googleverse to find out what’s what on, then Goodle Alerts will save you a bunch of time. With a Google alert you just tell Google the subject you are interested in, say for example ‘garden shed’ or ‘youth work’ and once a day you get an e-mail report detailing where on the web that subject has occurred that day. You can also choose to only receive blog or web or video or group or news coverage. Genius!
google alert input.jpg
It’s like having your very own media information butler.
*ahem* “Sir, there is some information at the door which may be of interest!”
google alert garden shed.jpg

Baby P

The tragic case of ‘Baby P’ has produced much media coverage and I have been saddened by the story, I have also been horrified by the judgmental vitriol that has been meted out by some of the Tabloid papers. I thought therefore that I would flag up this piece by Polly Toynbee that has some wise and sensible things to say.

And from a personal point of view: My regards to all Social workers doing a tough job within inevitably overstretched teams and limited resources, making a difference in tough situations where there are no easy answers or solutions.