Youtube to Powerpoint

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OK, here is the most idiot proof way yet of using Youtube videos in Powerpoint presentations! Click here, type in the URL of the Youtube vid’ and select mpg as the file type to convert to. When it’s finished, click ‘save to file’ and it will be on your desktop. Fab!
It will play in Windows media player
or you can insert it into a Powerpoint slide by ‘insert’ then ‘movies and sounds’ then ‘movies from file’ and click on the clip on desktop or wherever you’ve moved it to.

Further tip:

As the clips cannot be shown full size* I tend to put a picture of a TV on the slide and then insert the video clip into the screen, for example:
powerpoijnt tv snap.jpg

This info is info for PC, I know that someone with a Mac will point out something like, hey the Mac runs an app’ that re-configures peoples eyesight for full screen viewing!

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  1. great post and very helpful – with the GodTube a way around that is downloading the latest realplayer it has a function to save all video’s you watch,- once saved you should be able to use a site like this to convert to a suitable format the URL simply becomes your file location – assuming your firewall will allow this BTW are Mac’s computers????

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