At a youth group last night i encountered a game they called SPLAT!
It’s an elimination game of imaginary Splat dueling!
All but one of the young people stood in a circle with the remaing person in the middle. The person in the middle would fire an imaginary splat gun at someone and shout SPLAT! The recipient of the ‘splat!’ had to immediately duck and the two people either side would have to turn and ‘splat’ at each other. The loser of the duel was out and sat down, the person splatted from the middle would re-stand and the game would continue with one less participant. The game continues round by round with someone eliminated each time (unless the ‘splat’ duel was considered a draw), with the duels being between the two nearest standing people either side of the victim.
When only two people remain they stand back to back and a key word is agreed, for example ‘fox!’ A series of words are called out and the duelists take one step each time,
‘box!’ (step), ‘rocks!’ (step) until the keyword is called and the duelists spin round and fire a splat! The fastest is the winner.

I loved the game for the level of hilarity and craziness!
(Make sure you have a neutral referee to decide the faster ‘splatter’ each time!)

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  1. I can’t beleive I knew a game you didn’t and hadn’t taught it to you!!
    Splat is cool but I kinda prefer WAH! now which is similar but with a ninja twist.
    Glad you enjoyed it though!

  2. Same circle but no central person.
    One person is designated to start (person A)
    Group as a whole close hands in prayer pose and bow with a communal waaaaaaah! in the style of kung-fu legend and remain standing in hands at prayer mode
    person A extends arms towards someone (person B)saying “Waah”
    Person B flings arms arm in exultatioan stance and says “Waah”
    the two either side of person B swoop close hands in a sideways “Waah” towards person B’s stomach.
    Person b then sends a new “waah”
    If someone gets it wrong they’re out.
    This gets hilarious if you have two skilled people left over who can play one on one!
    I think I have video footage somewhere if this makes no sense!!

  3. Great game in my school we are doing a thing called young leadrrs awards ad i am picking this as my warm up game since it is a fun game and can b very competitive! But im not sure how i could keep it going with 8 people for 10 minutes do you think it will get boring ? … any ideas on how to extend the game slightly

  4. Hey Ashleigh,
    Young leaders stuff sounds fun.
    In my opinon, never try and keep a game going. Quit while they are still enjoying it and you have it for another time too. I reckon 10 mins = 2 games
    Have fun 🙂

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