Mad Game

We had a mad session at my CYM small group yesterday and I thought the ice breaker was worth sharing (thanks Kerry). This is what we experienced:
The leader placed a whole bunch of things on the table. In this case: a spatula, a small tub of jelly, a ruler, a scarf, a Yorkie bar, a spoon, a newspaper, some Chewitts, string, straws and rubber bands.
We were divided into two teams. The teams took it in turn to choose and collect objects from the list above (without knowing the purpose). Once all the objects had gone we were given the object of the game which was:
You have five minutes to design a fun game that uses every single one of your objects. You must then run the game!
The team I was in had the newspaper, rubber bands, chewitts, scarf, ruler and spatula.
We came up with a game whereby a blindfolded goalkeeper held a container (made from the newspaper) and a ‘striker’ had to attempt to flick rubber bands into the container. This was made more difficult by two defenders, equipped with the ruler and the spatula respectively, who attempted to ‘bat’ the rubber bands away from the goal.
A Chewitt was awarded to the striker for each goal or to a defender for each succesful parry!
mad game straw challenge.jpgThe other team had the string, straws, Yorkie, jelly and spoon. They elected to tie the two competitors hands behind their backs (thus using the string) and challenge them to arrange the straws into a neat square and then eat the jelly using only their mouths/faces. The reward for success being the Yorkie bar!
I commend the game (with objects of your own mad inspiration) to blogdom, have fun!