3 Replies to “I have a dream”

  1. Thanks for another great idea for advertising our church events.I used the motorway roadsign you did a while ago and got good feedback.(I even got people asking how much it had cost to hire the sign!)

  2. It’s a good dream, if it would only come true!
    I was angered at our local paper printing an article this week on a “crackdown on problem youths” on the village playing fields on Friday nights as I know that at the same time the work being done on those fields by council and church youth workers to do something positive with the young people has been very significant over the past few months and that there is a Friday night youth event happening on those fields in a few weeks time, but the press would rather focus on the work done by the Police in making arrests and dispersing young people rather than getting alongside them to do something positive.
    Decided that we’d send in reports to the paper from time to time to ask them to print the positive things that are happening at the same time.
    This comment is already far too long… but I also really enjoyed a tongue in cheek letter written to the paper complaining about old people hanging around shopping centres sitting with their friends, riding their mobility scooters without regard for others and sitting chatting and smoking. Thank goodness we don’t have that problem here!

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