Events coming up

I’ve got a number of events coming up over the next while that need/involve young people and I flag them up here in case they interest you:
October 28th. Morning with Bishop John looking at our “Sharing Life” vision and involving Tweens in that process. If that’s your half term and you’d like to bring some YP then shout.
November 7th. “Take over day” A chance for a teenager (plus probably me) to be part of what Bishop Colin is up to that day
December 6th: A day in London ready for Oxford Diocese to receive (and distribute) it’s grant from the Youth Evangelism fund. I’m looking for a couple of teens and their leader to come to London for the day.
New Year: Invitation from Sweden for some older teens to take part in an international camp (in a building I should add) next to a frozen lake somewhere in Sweden.
May: The international Kirchentag in Bremmen, Germany
July: I’m heading up a trip to Taize

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  1. Taize, I am going to BUT I’m not sure about Sweden yet although the frozen lake is pretty cool .. and it would be a good chance to chill. There is however not much lead time for organising so I need to get my skates on.

  2. Yay!
    It will be weird but cool you being in Taize (we’re going the same week as you!)
    I’m hoping the puns might have run out by then… anyway you’ll be too busy using your German!!
    So cool!

  3. I’m trying to introduce some consistency into the summer programming and as a lot of the teens are used to Soul Survivor, people can book into the pilgrimage for the week we are going which will be known as Taize or the week after, Taiz B

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