Cross Cultural Film Clips

I’ve had a question from a …….. Mrs Trellis of North Wales! I’m just dashing out so I’ll post it here and leave the answers to the Colossus that is your collective creative genius. Suggestions in the comments box please (and thank you)

Just wondered if you can help me. I am preaching on: ‘Why we must live cross-culturally’ from 1 Corinthians 9: 19-27. Can you think of any film clips that would be good to show?

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  1. Sorry “Mrs Trellis” this must have caught the readership on a busy Friday
    I’m a bit brain fuzzy after working most of the weekend but er ……
    + Cool Runnings, the teams experience in Canda or with the German team
    + A clip from life on Mars
    + Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy as Arthur discovers that the universe is not what he imagined it to be
    + Lost in translation

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