Change is afoot

times they are.jpgThere’s a lot of stuff going on at the moment in the world of youth (and children’s) work with big changes afoot.
ISA registration: Should go live 12 months from now, EVERYONE who works with young people will need to be registered with the Independent Safeguarding authority. (Note that the are now using the language of vetting and barring which they had dropped for a while). The webpage is here.
Passport Registration Scheme: Currently only a proposal but a serious one nevertheless. The idea is that there would be a document/record detailing your experience, training and qualifications. This is the kind of idea, this is the current response of the NCVYS (national council of voluntary youth services) and a forum for your response.

The Integrated Qualifications Framework (IQF)
“The IQF will be a set of approved qualifications that allows progression, continuing professional development and mobility across the children and young people’s workforce”
This is part of a whole bunch of work from the work of the CWDA (Childrens (including youth) workforce development agency) that wants to see a minimum set of standards and training for work with young people. (this is more about local networks, referral and standards than the actual skills). As far as I can see this will be a prerequisite if you are delivering services and/or receiving funding, I am not (so far) seeing this as being aimed at church based volunteers.
Please add to me knowledge if you can!

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